sens-vue Eye Care


  • The company was founded in 2022.
  • The Danish Patent and Trade Office approved our patent utility model in 2022.
  • Gained first grants from the UK and Denmark in 2022.
  • We welcome talents, partners, and investors with a passion in eye health to join our exciting journey.


Hong de Beer-Song

Precision Medical Devices

Business Development

Multinational Global Operations

University of Oxford

Henrik Rafn

Commercial Development

Insurance Market

Financial Industry

Copenhagen Business School

Other Key Members and Advisory Board

Joline Bian
Medical Doctor of Eye Clinics
the Netherlands

Koen Vermeer
PhD, AI Medical Imaging
the Netherlands

Hans G Lemij
MD, PhD, Specialist Glaucoma
the Netherlands

PhD, Biometric Sensing Denmark

Why Choose Sens-Vue


We provide instant results to screen eye diseases. Our platform can also facilitate manual evaluation with remote specialists.


Our algorithm is highly accurate trained on a large patient base of diversity of ethnics. All communication is highly encrypted.

Easy to operate

Our products are designed for clinicians as well as non-clinicians, without the need of lengthy trainings.


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